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The unofficial end of summer has come and soon our kids will be trading in their bathing suits and flip flops for new school clothes and sneakers. Many of us have back to school check lists that includes a new backpack, lunch box and school supplies. As you start to check things off your to do list consider adding a dental check up with your child's dentist to the list. Have the dentist exam your child's teeth twice a year so that any issues that are found can be caught sooner or even prevented in some cases. This exam or checkup can be done as soon as age three and should become a routine. Most visits to the dentist consists of x-rays, cleaning and a thorough exam by the dentist. Also you should set a brushing and flossing schedule. Encourage your child to brush at least twice a day morning and night. Flossing becomes extremely important as adult teeth start to come in and the spacing between teeth gets tighter. A majority of decay happens between our teeth where a toothbrush doesn't reach. Its ideal to brush after every meal. At school that isn't always as easy so, simply rinsing or drinking water will help remove any food debris left behind after lunch. Consider having sealants placed on all permanent adult teeth. Sealants help prevent decay on the biting surface of teeth by filling in the deep grooves that can trap in food. Lastly, also limit the amount of sports drinks your child consumes. Yes even sports drinks contain acid and sugar that are harmful to teeth.

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